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Bess WyrickBWyrick_Web
Floral Art Installations, Wedding Crowns and Organic Flower Farms
Celadon and Celery, New York, NY

Throughout her childhood, Bess found solace from her natural surroundings. Whether climbing trees, cruising the desert or playing in the ocean – the different textures, colors, and formations created by mother earth constantly intrigued her. While most children dreamed of being a ballerina, a teacher, a figure skater or a doctor, Bess decided at a young age that her dream career would involve somehow engaging with nature for the rest of her life, but wasn’t sure this could be a way of life.

Throughout her childhood and early adulthood, Bess continued to educate herself on the environment. She studied Eco psychology (the science of recognizing the alienation between person and planet, and seeking to establish a healthy relationship between the two). At the University of California, Santa Cruz, she spent a semester backpacking throughout California, studying the beauty, energy and spirit of the woods; following college, she spent a summer experiencing the wild nature of Belize.

In 2009, Bess relocated to one of the least likely places a nature-buff would wind up: New York City. It was in the Big Apple, while climbing trees in Central Park, that she became determined to expose NYC to the possibilities of using nature to craft brilliant and inimitable experiences. Bess was able to turned her childhood dream into reality, with the creation of an eco design floral house that explores, through continual experimentation and invention, beautiful structures and extraordinary spaces, all the while expressing complete love and respect for our planet. From Bess’s unique, articulate aesthetic, savory appreciation of nature and an uncanny ability to transform the world from ordinary to charming and majestic, Celadon & Celery Events was born.

Celadon and Celery Owner at WorkNot only is Celadon & Celery Events of unrivaled style and sophistication, but Bess’ philosophy of living life through joy, dance, creation and experience has enabled the company to become a floral company to be reckoned with. In fact, Bess’ most infamous saying is that “I am always laughing and therefore so are my flowers.”

From the creation of the eco-floral company in 2009 to the present, Bess has worked with key tastemakers and organizations from all over the globe including: Cover Image on New York Magazine, Graydon Carter’s Monkey Bar, Mercedes Benz, CNN, Rouge Tomate Restaurant, Bloomingdales, New York Junior League, Katy Perry, and The Kardashians. In 2010, Bess was nominated by Bizbash as one of “New York’s Event Designers of the Year.” Additionally, you can find Celadon & Celery Events in Debra Prinzing’s most recent book, “The 50 Mile Bouquet.” Celadon & Celery has also graced the pages of many top tier publications including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Grace Ormonde, The Glamourai, Bizbash, Ruffled Blog, Crain’s New York, Vogue, Gotham, and many more.

To this day, Bess holds onto the activity that triggered her future successes and you can often find her in Central Park climbing trees, observing nature, and coming up with unique and glorious concepts for clients.


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