Steve’s Sassy Pick: AFR’s Design Challenge 2014

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Let’s get ready to RUUUMMMBBBLLLEEE!!!!


Back for the third year, AFR Event Furnishings presents the popular AFR Design Challenge on the Event Solutions Tradeshow floor. You are not going to want to miss this year’s contest as the stage is being set for a high stakes round as two notable industry designers face off in this year’s Main Event Design Challenge. The challengers can’t be revealed yet, but rest assured that with very strong contenders circling the ring, the Design Challenge promises to be an exciting event.

The starting bell rings Tuesday, March 25, 2014, at 1:30pm. The designers will be presented with a variety of furnishings including the new 2014 Showcase Collections from AFR Event Furnishings along with a variety of décor items provided by sponsors from the Tradeshow floor. Both designers will attempt to score a “TKO Design” in one 30-minute bout.

After the match, spectators and Tradeshow visitors will have the chance to vote for their favorite design and chat with the designers. The ballots will be tallied at 2:30pm. on Wednesday and the Designer Challenge Winner will be announced during the Conference Closing Session with Peter Callahan at 5:30pm.

Stay tuned for more exciting information and details by liking AFR Event Furnishings on Facebook or Twitter and using #afrevents. 

This Sassy Pick is brought to you by Steve Kemble – your ambassador for all things sass and fab at the Event Solutions Conference & Tradeshow, March 23–26, 2014. Join Steve at #CSES2014 where he will be leading you to fabulous finds on the Tradeshow floor.

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I've never heard of this before! It sounds like a really cool event, challenging though! It's testament to an excellent designer if they manage to put together something great in 30 mins! 

Charli @ Arcade Design


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