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In a world where technology is always advancing, it is hard to stay ahead of the game. Projection technology has come a long way in recent years and can now add exciting entertainment to your events. These companies have developed exciting new products to move your events through the 21st century and beyond!

AV Concepts HotProd_Web3
From the Tupac Shakur holographic performance at Coachella to projection mapping at the Grammy Awards, AV Concepts offers advanced audio visual services for corporate, convention and entertainment events.


EyeClick is an innovative platform that creates interactive media displays for windows, floors, ceilings or any other open space. The specialized MotionAware technology allows users to interact with the projection to trigger sounds, play games or create memorable experiences at your events.HotProd_Web4


Technifex’s Flowscreen® liquid projection screen uses LED lighting to create a dynamic display of flowing water that is the perfect backdrop for event entrances or otherwise boring walls. Take a look at the FauxFire® and WaterWeb™ technology for even more exciting rental projections.





Christie Digital
Christie Digital’s new interactive displays use advanced projection technology to create a stimulating experience. With a simply move of your hand, the vibrant images you have displayed can move and interact with the user, adding an entertainment factor to walls, floors and projector screens.HotProd_Web2


eNews May 2013

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