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By Cara Kleinhaut

It’s all about WHO is posting

Social media has become a staple at every event. We all know why — sponsors and brands are able to obtain valuable insight into how and what consumers feel about their latest products by plugging directly into their social feeds. Social media allows a brand to reach millions of friends, fans, and followers by allowing guests to share their experiences with their own friends, fans and followers.

Because of the importance of social media, the challenge for event professionals now is to connect their events and clients with quality social media and that comes down to inviting the right social influencers to your events.

Here are a few social media tips that will make your event stand out:

  •  Instead of inviting the most guests, invite the right guests. Recently, we learned from the “Oh Joy for Target” event that launched a new line by designer-blogger-Pinterest star Joy Cho, that having a guest list that includes a concentrated number of  ”social influencers” — bloggers and people with high social followings — is invaluable! These guests maximize the events reach through their posts. We have engineered the guests list to have a concentrated number of  ”social influencers;” bloggers and people with high social followings were invited and through their posts, maximized the event’s reach. Those 50 socially “meaningful” guests shared and posted more often, developing a much larger impression in a two-hour event than a 500+ guest count might have achieved over four hours.
  • Create inspiring moments that guests will want to post and share. A secret venue, whimsical decor, unique installations, food served by an aerialist – whatever it is, it is more than just creating a great memory or photo.  It is about generating social buzz among friends, fans and followers. Create desire and excitement throughout every aspect of your event, allowing guests to be the reporters of fresh ideas to their friends.
Photo courtesy Caravents

Photo: Line8 Photography

  • Display the posts in an artful manner at the event to encourage more posting. For instance, the interactive video wall we recently did at a recent event for Abercrombie & Fitch was a huge hit. It allows guests using the designated event hashtag to see their social media posts in real time in a fun new way.
  • Make your event identity clever and concise. In order to measure your level of social impact post-event, a clever hashtag is extremely important. Make sure it is unique enough that overlap with other events and non-related users is slim, but, at the same time, make it short enough to reduce ability for pilot error.

Social media is extremely critical to the success and the outcome of any event. Be sure what is being shared is not coming from influential sharers, and that it is meaningful content in order to get the exposure for you event you want.

Cara Kleinhaut is owner/founder of Caravents Inc. Event Production and Design, an award winning, bi-coastal events and experiential agency. She will be a featured speaker at Event Solutions on “Integrating Social Media into Event Design. If you are at the show, be sure to put her session on your schedule, Monday, March 24, 4:45 p.m. in Champagne 2-3 at The Paris Hotel.


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