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ACCESS Destination Services, California
Event Company of the Year


Founded in 1970, ACCESS Destination Services sets the standard for excellence in award-winning destination management services. ACCESS is the only DMC to make the prestigious Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America list in 2013 and ranked #28 among Travel & Hospitality Companies. Since 2010, ACCESS has expanded from a Southern California DMC with regional focus, to a truly national brand with eleven offices in six states including Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Nevada and Texas.
ACCESS continues to be committed to providing superior service to our clients and long-term value to our industry partners through creative program design, unique special event production, transportation logistics, recreational activities and corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.
With national reach and local expertise, ACCESS will meet your objectives and exceed your expectations.

Event Showcase one

ACCESS Your Five Senses

Each year, meeting planners and destination management companies around the world are challenged to impress an increasingly savvy clientele. In the age of information, your guests’ minds are constantly stimulated, but what about their physical senses? To build an event and experience that awed our clients, the team at ACCESS Destination Services used creativity to transform a ballroom and activate all five senses—sight, taste, scent, sound, and touch!

Some guests crammed into an old fashioned photobooth that was customized to instantly upload images to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, while others found their way into the Slow Motion Video Booth – participants starred in their own short films, with the excitement of their antics heightened by suspenseful slow motion.

Most event planners are familiar with craft beers, which have taken the nation by storm, but craft cocktails are also gaining in popularity, especially among those who prefer to sip something lighter than the latest Double IPA. Talented mixologists designed a signature cocktail for the event event, in addition to whipping up one-of-a-kind beverages based on each guest’s individual tastes.
While the use of natural and organic ingredients is a trend that’s here to stay, all that healthy eating is sure to leave room for sugary indulgence. Local candy boutiques designed sweet, custom-flavored candies, cupcakes and other treats. Vanilla-rum Twinkies anyone?

The buttery smell of our design-your-own-gourmet-grilled-cheese station certainly had attendees following their noses, but the hit of the event was truly a blast from the past.. If you remember the scratch-n-sniff stickers of your childhood, the adult version of this nostalgic 1970s technology is sure to impress you. The scratch-n-sniff wallpaper featured the local fragrances of fresh green grass, salty ocean waves, and smoky beach bonfires – a totally unique and interactive way to highlight local scents.

Everyone loves a great live band, making requests can sometimes be an awkward experience. ACCESS developed a custom mobile app that enabled guests to send real-time song requests to the band on stage!

The VIP Green Room – where guests were pampered by makeup artists, manicurists, shoe shiners, and hair stylists. As manicurists massaged lotion into women’s hands to soften skin, old-time barbers offered straight razor shaves to the men. From silky lotions to warm shaving cream to the ice-cold metal of a straight edge razor, every guest enjoyed the invigorating tactile pleasures.

Event Showcase two

Social Media Soiree

Tis the season for a holiday soiree! After working to keep the world connected, the employees of this Worldwide Social Networking Site took a night off to celebrate the festivities at one of San Francisco’s most regal entertainment venues. Whether it was the legends that had once walked the halls or the illuminated City Hall visible through the clear span of the tent, the magic of the Bill Graham Civic Center was brought to life on this cold December night!

ACCESS ensured that this event was nothing shy of a jaw dropping event for the 7,000 guests in attendance. Venetian-inspired decor transformed both the indoor and outdoor spaces into an extravagant Masquerade Carnival. From the vibrantly embellished masks to the carefully placed red and gold holiday ornaments, guests marveled at the attention to detail. Whether it was sharing a savory bite and a cocktail with a friendly colleague or tearing up the never-ending dance party on the dance floor, this spectacular event was an evening to remember.

Event Showcase three

The Quirky Carnivale

Laaaaa-d-d-dies and gentlemen-n-n, step right up, today-y-y is your once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the Quirkiest Carnivale in the world! Through this arch, ordinary becomes extraordinary and the mundane ceases to exist. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary Big Top experience and witness spectacular feats of strength and athleticism mixed with trickery and rascality. Have your fortune told by Zoltar. Feel the wind as aerialists fly right before your very eyes. Watch as hoop artists twirl more rings than you have toes. Marvel as a human bender ties herself into a pretzel. Embrace your inner rock star and perform on stage. If you’re looking for a phantasmal experience, then TONIGHT – for one night only – you’ve come to the right place!

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