DJ Sterling

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Sterling Vission, Arizona
Rising Star – Male


Known as the Ambassador of VIDEO DJ’s, Sterling has made it his mission to build upon the visibility of VIDEO DJ’s at any and all events. With credit to his name in groundbreaking performances such as:

• 1st Video DJ to play at the Super Bowl
• One of the first DJs to perform on an iPad
• Performances at multiple National College Championship Football Block Parties
• Official DJ for the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
• Official DJ for Affordable Food Festivals
• Official DJ For YELP
• Official DJ Ohio State Alumni club
• Performed on Jumbotron multiple times
• Finished in the Top 3 in the USA as Resident DJ Of The Year
• Voted the top Video DJ in Arizona the last 4 consecutive years

Sterling’s mixes have been played over 30 radio stations and he has appeared in many television commercials

TV appearances:
Wild on the E! Network, O.W.N., Carson Kressley (Oprah’s Network), and ESPN as well as local and national magazines and press publications.

Short Client List:
BCS, Apple, PopChips, MillerLite, 12News, PLOYCOM, Prada, Redbull, Panasonic, Auburn, Notre Dame, Indiana, Cisco Systems

Facebook: 6,400

Twitter 4,500

YouTube 1,910,752

Event Showcase one

USA largest Undie Run

USA Largest Undie Run, which clothes more families in a single day…then 2 yrs of gathering clothing on a regular bases. Amazing way to give back. 20, 000 people attend this musical event, the price is the shirt of their back.

Event Showcase two

OHIO State Alumni Club-DJ

DJ’ing for one of the top alumni clubs in the country, OHIO State alumni of Scottsdale is cutting edge, full of energy and creative ideas. No matter if the game is 7am, or 7pm, the crowd shows up and are ready to cheer, interact, and at the end of the day…WIN! Sterling’s mission is to entertain, keep the energy up, stay connect with what is going on with the game, people and pop culture (what’s hot)! This group is on their social media and this makes the events even more tapped into the rest of the world.

Event Showcase three

Super Bowl Performance

A Super Bowl game to remember, all kicked off with some outstanding events, and performances. Getting the crowd warmed up, as this was a power packed event. Over 30,000 people had the chance to witness VIDEO DJ’ing by DJ Sterling. Totally success to the point, the Super Bowl has develop this event even more since then, and Sterling was the kick off point.

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