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SAVE the DATE LLC events and promotions your way, MD
Event Company of the Year


SAVE The DATE, LLC events and promotions your way was founded in 1995 on the belief that event planners should educate their clients on planning their own event rather than the planner making all the decisions without input. This concept stemmed from President Cara Weiss’ own experiences with her wedding planner. By including the client and sending the client home with “homework” – projects to work on by themselves – SAVE The DATE has continually provided clients with affordable planning and day-of coordination options.  While SAVE The DATE certainly does offer full-planning options where our staff handles everything on behalf of the client, we have found that our unique approach attracts clients looking for guidance who still want to be involved; this works especially well for Social Events, which is our primary business. More specifically, we have recently specialized in B’nai Mitzvah planning. We feel this has become our bread and butter because we love everything a Mitzvah celebrates, boys and girls striving towards becoming caring and giving adults in the world. For Mitzvahs, we recommend our clients show how their children are giving and doing “Mitzvah Projects” in the hopes that celebrating community service will encourage the next generation to be givers rather than takers. Our goal is to act as the “eyes, ears, and voice” for our clients during their party, allowing them to “be a guest at their own event.” This helps the clients to relax and enjoy knowing that everything will be to their taste.

The year of October 2013 through October 2014 was an especially exciting year in our office, it was the year of change.

We formally moved into an office space after spending over eighteen years in the basement of the Weiss residence. This space allowed us to expand our décor services, which aid our clients tremendously as they can now visually see the décor they wish to rent from us. It also allows us to store items on behalf of our clients, and really create a storefront to show the invitations and promotional products we have available for them to purchase.

In addition to the move, we worked over thirty social events which had budgets ranging from $10,000-$500,000 and two educational expos for people looking for planning help. In addition to those events, we hosted a not-for-profit event in honor of causes close to our heart.

In March of 2014, we hosted the first ever “Rockin’ 4a Cause”, a misnomer since it is actually in honor of three distinct causes and charities: Alzheimer’s Association, Brain Aneurysm Foundation (which Cara’s mother passed from), and Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. The event featured the “B Street Band” (a Bruce Springsteen cover band), a silent auction of donated items, and had over one hundred attendees. It was wildly popular, with people asking when the next one would be; so we are looking forward to hosting an again in March of 2015. It was a year of external change as well that led to new challenges and opportunities for growth.

Outside of our company, in January of 2013 Same-Sex Marriage was legalized in our State, and for that reason we planned and coordinated our first LGBT couple’s wedding in December of 2013 (one of the events we choose to feature).

This year also demonstrated the rise in the “DIY” movement, and which can in some ways eliminate the need for the party planner. As a result, we adjusted to assist our clients in sorting through all their independently found ideas through online sites like Pinterest, and how they can use stores like AC Moore, Home Goods, Michaels, and so many more to purchase their own decor and bring their ideas to life. Now we are often times advising our clients about their own ideas in addition to providing thoughtful suggestions based on our interactions with them, before we were typically providing all the ideas. While some party planners might resist this shift, we welcome it as we have always strived to be a teaching company.

Our final event of September of 2014 was our “Inaugural Client Appreciation Party”, which was a chance to bring past and present clients together to celebrate our one year anniversary in our new office while enjoying food, decor, and entertainment from some of our favorite vendors. It was a lovely evening, a chance to thank our clients for their support, and celebrate our accomplishments. We are planning on making it an annual tradition.

Event Showcase one

Lily and Maddie’s B’not Mitzvah – An Evening of Dollhouses and Art, BH

In the summer of 2012, Alissa contracted SAVE The DATE to assist her in planning her two twin daughters’ B’not Mitzvah. From the start, she informed us that her daughters’ were very different, despite sharing an egg, and that they had different ideas for what they wanted their party to be. One daughter was an athlete, the other an artist. One loved the color green, the other purple. What they did have in common was a strong desire to complete a Mitzvah Project they were passionate about, and one that they felt would truly make a difference. Ultimately, they selected the option of building dollhouses together and asking guests to donate furniture for the dollhouses. Following the event they gave the dollhouses to NIH (some to be given to the childrens’ ward and others to be auctioned for money for NIH). These dollhouses not only brought these sisters together, but they served as a theme for their B’not Mitzvah. They were used as centerpieces on the adult tables along with original paintings by one of the sisters. The room was clad in green and purple, and featured different lounge areas that centered around something each daughter was passionate about. The event really succeeded in showing their talent, their interests, and their giving nature. It was a celebration of everything a Mitzvah is supposed to be, while celebrating everything the girls are.

Event Showcase two

Home Wasn’t Built in a Day, DT

In August of 2013, David, contacted SAVE The DATE to plan a party to show his recently renovated home, they had added 10,000 square feet. David is a five-peat client who first hired Cara in 2001 after meeting her at an expo where she encouraged him to pursue his vision of a party in his home rather than an outside venue. Her enthusiasm and creativity regarding this concept gave him the confidence to hire her.The goal of this housewarming was to invite guests to see the beautiful spaces while still hosting a party rather than a museum tour. The evening was divided into two parts – the first two hours were for touring the different rooms within the home, and the remainder of the night was spent inside a tented ballroom in their backyard where guests were served a seven course meal and entertained by multiple musical acts including the youtube sensational a capella group “ The Maccabeats”. During the tour, guests were treated to a vast array of food and entertainment, including Globetrotter Spinny Johnson on the indoor basketball court, synchronized swimmers wearing pink stilettos in the heated outdoor pool, a $100,000 raw bar in the aquarium room, and musical acts throughout the house. While the planning process was only two and half months, every detail and creative decision – from the invitations to the vendor selection and decor – was planned and executed to a tee by us, and left the guests speechless.

Event Showcase three

F&J – a love for the ages, FJ

In the Spring of 2013, we met Farrah and Jessica at a local Event Showcase Expo while they were looking for planning assistance for their upcoming wedding in December of 2013. At the time, Same-Sex Marriage had just been legalized in the State of Maryland and they were looking for a company to assist them in planning their wedding that was “long overdue.” They were two creative ladies with a clear vision for their wedding, the Pinterest and DIY types, so they were mostly looking for organizational assistance and day-of coordination for their wedding. They wanted to find a venue that would suit their guest needs and limited budget. Noting their creativity, we picked a venue that was under new ownership and being remodeled. It was a restaurant that was a relatively blank canvas in terms of color, which worked out terrifically as they had a clear vision of turquoise for their winter wonderland. Ultimately, we advised them to select Sunday December 28, as it would allow them to get the best price for having the entire restaurant for their event. It was a lovely afternoon ceremony and reception and it required a transition between the ceremony to the reception. Everything turned out fabulous and the guests had a blast. As is the case with all weddings, the day was truly a celebration of the couple and we just made sure their love was the main attraction while assisting them with the decor, set-up, and the vendor selection.

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