Radiant Orchid: The 2014 Color of the Year

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COY2014We didn’t see as much Emerald as we had expected last year as a standalone color, but we are thrilled about the recently announced 2014 PANTONE Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid!

If you’ve been following Event Solutions for awhile, you may have noticed that we like the color purple…in pretty much any shade. But the natural mixture of pinks and purples that make up an orchid is one of our favorite shades and has been used in many of our events and throughout the covers of past magazines.

According to Pantone’s official announcement, this beautiful shade of purple “encourages expanded creativity and originality,” which is perfect for our industry! For events, look to pair the color with olives, deep greens, turquoise and light yellows for an eye-catching accent. Or you can pair with similar colors from reds to pinks to other purples for a romantic appeal.

Below you’ll find some examples of unique pairs, as well as some more traditional mixes. From flowers to décor to backdrops, you can implement the color into your designs easily as an accent, highlight or main design color. Orchids and Wire Ball Décor Orchid Flower Décor Purple Draping and Mixed Floral Mixed Shades of Purple Bridal Table

Orchid Accents Purple and Gray Color Combos Purple Backdrop

Another easy way to implement the trendy color into your designs, is by adding colored lighting to your event. The designs below show many options for creative lighting, as well as color pairs that create a vibrant display.

Vibrant Purple Lighting

Vibrant Entrance

Ambient Lighting

Mixed Shades

Purple Uplighting

Whether it’s in beauty, fashion, interiors or events, get ready to see a lot more purple in the coming year.


eNews January 2014

About the author : Alyssa Brooks

Alyssa Brooks

Alyssa Brooks is the Marketing Manager for Event Solutions and Catersource. She enjoys planning and marketing events and is always seeking fun and creative new ideas to share with the industry.

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